Tumut News

10 November 1858 The Goulburn Herald and County of Argyle Advertiser

Value of Land at Tumut

On Friday week, Mr. Hilton, auctioneer, of Tumut, sold by public auction, 40 acres of land, without the slightest improvement thereon, for 580, averaging 14, per acre - a sum unprecedented in the annals of suburban sale, at so great a distance in the interior of New South Wales.

Nor was it the result of that phrenzy so frequently exhibited at land sales, as one of the purchasers subsequently admitted he would not re sell at 20 per acre. 

Crops & Livestock

We have every prospect of a flourishing harvest, the intermitting rains with which we have been favoured having had a most genial influence.

Cattle are improving in condition, and we have, thank Heaven! the comforts of life in abundance. 

Steam Flour Mill

Mr. Body's new steam mill is in full operation, and, I believe, turns out a very good article. 


It is to be hoped the Fitz Roy mania will act as a salutary caution to future peripatetic miners, and that they will not desert a locality where comfort and competence awaits them, to waste their energies on chimerical enterprizes fraught with such disastrous results. We have ample room for tho sands, which time and experience will develop. 


The aphis has made its appearance among us, and is ravaging our garden produce. Several means have been adopted, but hitherto without success. May its ravages be averted from the crop! 


We had a very heavy storm of thunder and lightning, which continued during the whole of yesterday night; the rain was quite tropical and fell in. torrents. I suppose the late comet will be attributed as the cause of this, and any future visitations which may occur. 

6th November, 1858.