Tumut News

Adelong and Tumut Express and Tumbarumba Post

27 July 1900

Mr. R. Donaldson, M.P., paid a visit to Adelong on Tuesday afternoon with the intention of publicly addressing the electors on matters connected with the Gundagai -Tumut railway.

In consequence of the funeral of the late Master Robert Kenny taking place on that afternoon, Mr. Donaldson refrained from carrying out his arrangements, but he met personally a number of landowners and laid before them his views, pointing out what he considered to be a very serious misconstruction put on the evidence given before the committee by Mr. Jno. Harper, Chief Traffic Manager, in his reference to a report on the advisability of a railway from Gundagai to Tumut, made in August, 1891 by Mr. H. A Gilliat, Examiner of Public Works proposals.

This report stated that the cultivable alluvial lands on the Tumut River and its tributaries alone comprised 17,300 acres, and tho total acreage of river flats, creek flats, and upland was 117,300. The upland was valued by an experienced man at £3 per acre, creek flats at £12, and river flats at £20.

Mr. Donaldson believes that the Committee arrived at their decision from the understanding that the railway, would carry the produce from only, 17,000 acres of, land.

Improvements are to be effected to the Tarcutta Public School. Mr. S. M. Smith, of 'The Beacon’, Batlow, has succeeded in trapping five pure-bred dingoes, which were captured alive. One of the ferocious animals he brought into Adelong. He states that foxes are becoming very plentiful in the Bago district. On his way in to town he saw one crossing the track.

The funeral of the late Master Robert Kenny, whose death occurred on Monday morning last under most distressing circumstances, took place on Tuesday afternoon. The remains were removed from the deceased's parents' residence, Tumut-street, at 4 p.m., and the cortege which followed them to their last resting place was one of the largest that has been seen in Adelong, there being 47 vehicles and 63 equestrians in   the funeral procession.

The Rev. Father Hanrahan (C.C.) of Tumut, officiated at the grave, in the Roman Catholic portion of the Cemetery, and impressively administered the burial rites of the Church. Many floral tributes were sent by numerous friends expressive of their deep sympathy for the bereaved parents and family, and respect for the memory of the departed youth. The funeral arrangements were in the hands of Mr. Chas Passlow. Some vindictive individual turned two horses and a cow loose into Dr. Lyttleton's garden on Wednesday night, but took the cow out - leaving the horses - early yesterday morning. Considerable damage was done to the vegetables and other plants, in some   instances rows being eaten clean off. Such reprehensible acts as these only require the capture of the culprit to ensure just punishment being meted out to him.          

The jury sitting at the inquest touching the death of Alexander M'Kay, who was killed near Mudgee, returned a verdict of wilful murder against the two blacks Joe and Jimmy Governor, who were the ringleaders in the Mawbey tragedy. They afterwards attacked Mrs. M'Kay with a tomahawk, inflicting a gash on the side of' her head. Another woman and a child have been found murdered near Merriwa. The Government are offering a reward of £100 per head for the apprehension of any of the aboriginal murderers.  

The distribution of, prizes at the Adelong Public School took place on 'Monday afternoon last, in the presence of members of the Local School Board and parents and friends of the children. Owing to our reporter being empanelled on the jury at the inquest held that afternoon, he was unable to be present at the distribution. We have applied to the head teacher for the names of the successful pupils in the examination and the prizes won by them, but the information, could not be obtained.

In connection with the scheme to extend the business of the Australian Mutual Provident Society to England, a very stormy meeting of shareholders took place recently in Sydney, and the proceedings were at times very turbulent. The directors were favourable to the proposal, but many share holders present took exception to their method of seeking the views of share holders upon the question.