Tumut News (Death of Henry Hilton)

Australian Town and Country Journal

4 October 1879

September 29.  

The Weather, &c.- Winter put in an appearance again last week. It snowed freely at Kiandra, while the keen wind that prevailed here chilled one to the marrow. When the wind abated we had a soaking rain which gradually changed to sleet. On Friday morning the ranges within sight of this place were crowned with snow. 'There was a severe frost this morning on the Upper Gilmore. After several years of drought it seems strange to hear men complain that the present season is too wet, and yet many of our farmers are really troubled on this score. Unless we shortly, get a spell free from, rain, wheat crops on the flats will be more or less spoiled.

Lacmalac Quartz Claim.- The proprietors are so well satisfied with the result from a few tons of tip they recently put through their battery, that they are about to crush 200 or 300 tons of the same material.

New Quaritz Reef - Report says that a very good showing gold freely, has been discovered near the Adelong Creek, in the neighbourhood of Reedy Flat. Diggers have long suspected the existence of a payable roof in that quarter. I hope the news is true.

Obituary. - One of the oldest residents of Tumut, Mr. Henry Hilton, died on Sunday morning last. Some time since he met with an accident, which resulted in the loss of an eye.

He never recovered the shock to his system, though he was able to walk about the town to within a few days of his death. During his career in Tumut the deceased, held many official positions.

He was postmaster here for many years, and latterly he filled the post of mining registrar, also that of registrar of births, &c., &c., besides holding several agencies.

He leaves behind a large circle of friends.

The funeral takes place to-morrow and I have no doubt the procession will be a large one.

Ecclesiastical - The Rev. C. Twomey (R.C.) has left on a tour in search of renovated health. His place here is supplied by the Rev. Father T. O'Connel, I believe late of Deniliquin. The Rev. George Spencer, vicar of All Saints Anglican Church, has, since his return from the synod, suffered from a severe illness. I am glad to state he is now convalescent, and will shortly resume his duties.

Lecture - This evening, in the Wesleyan Church, a crowded audience have assembled to listen to a lecture by the Rev. H. Youngman (who is an eloquent speaker) on Lord Macauley, orator, historian, and essayist.

Stock Sales.-Mr. E. G. Brown has sold cows with calves, 2 10s ; steers, 2 5s; heifers, 1 per head. Horse   stock from 2 10s to 7 7s per head.