Tumut Pioneer Passes

The Braidwood Review and District Advocate

20 July 1954

By the passing in Sydney on Thursday, at the age of 84, of Mr. Henry Godfrey, Tumut loses the last member of a pioneering family, whose ancestors settled in the district in about 1853.

The Godfrey family settled on the land and it is on record that Mr. Henry Godfrey, who was very progressive, was me first grazier to introduce pasture improvement to the district.

Though there were three sons in his family, one of whom was the late Mr. Frank Godfrey, father of Mr. Ken Godfrey, of Six Mile Flat, not one of them chose the land as a career.

Some years ago Mr. Godfrey sold his highly improved property and retired and came to the town of Tumut, where he was an active, member of the Bowling Club.

It was mainly through his efforts as a foundation member of the Club that Tumut possesses such a fine Bowling Club.

In his younger days Mr. Godfrey was interested in Shire matters and had been President for 12 years. 

During that period both the town and the Shire made remarkable progress.  

Mr. Godfrey passed away in Sydney, where he had spent the last three months with his family.

His remains were taken back to his beloved Tumut for burial.

His wife predeceased him six years ago, and. he is survived by two sons, Ray and Keith, of Sydney and one daughter, Nell (Mrs. Weston, of Sydney).

Mr. Ken Godfrey, of Six Mile Flat, attended the funeral.