Tumut Plains Crops

12 January 1912 Adelong and Tumut Express and Tumbarumba Post

Mr. C, A, Martin, surveyor, is busily engaged apportioning off the areas of the seven blocks of Mr. R. M. Shelley's 'Tumut Plains' Estate, which are to be offered to the public at auction in March next. 

Harvest operations are finished with us, but on an average the yield has not been too good, as some of the heavy crops were blown down with the violent windstorms when well advanced and did not again rise high enough to allow the stripper to take the heads, ending in big losses to the producer, Mr. J. G. Usher suffering the most. 

Mr. M. Mclnerney sr's crop of wheat gave the handsome yield of 11 bags to the acre.

This was stripped by Messrs Vickery Bros.     

The oat crops stripped turned out fairly well. Mr. D. A. William Crampton on his farm lately purchased when H. L, Harris' Plains Estate was subdivided, took 650 bushels from 16 acres.

Mr, G. H. Greene stripped and filled 100 bags in one day and 61 and 67 respectively in two half days (afternoon). 

He avers that it would have been easy to have taken off 80 bags in half a day in the same crop. Mr. J, T. Clout was the next best return on The Plains, stripped by Messrs. Vickery Bros. 

The maize crops on all the holdings look remarkably well, but a little rain at the present time would be of great assistance while the corn is cobbing.