Tumut Report

22 May 1908Adelong and Tumut Express and Tumbarumba Post

Messrs W. and T. Garter, of Upper Gilmore, successfully landed their cattle, numbering 170 head, at Singleton, where they have been removed for grass. Only one lose was sustained, and the train journey occupied 45 hours. 

Another venture of our enterprising townsman, Mr. G. F. Grill, of the Post Office Stores, Tumut, is the purchase of the Tumut Flour Mill, which he is having removed to a convenient site opposite the Tumut Railway Station.

In order to encourage wheat growing this, year (and, since many of the dairy herds have been turned out, there should be a large area of our wheat lands, of recent years utilized for dairying purposes, again cultivated), Mr. Grill is offering seed wheat of the very best quality at lowest market rates.

He is also prepared to purchase the next season's crops at the highest market value, or to make liberal advances against same.

Mr. Grill is to be congratulated on the spirit of enterprise that has characterised his transactions since his advent to this place, and we are sure that his efforts to develop to the fullest ex- tent the capabilities and resources of the district meet with the highest appreciation of the community. 

We are pleased to welcome back, for a short sojourn, Mr. Sidney Turnbull, the youngest son of Mr. William Turnbull, who, with Messrs Solomon Emanuel and Abraham Watson (long since departed) ran the principal business general store in the early sixties in the premises then known as the "Beehive Store", later on owned and occupied by the late Richard McKay. 

It is about 30 years since Mr. S. Turnbull (who was a pupil in the Public School) left here, and he is now stationed at Brisbane in the Queensland National Bank.

Being a native of Tumut, his return is hailed with delight by his friends and old shoolmates, and he is staying for a few days with Mrs. R. McKay. We congratulate him on the success he has attained and wish him well.