Tumut Report  

8 August 1902 Adelong and Tumut Express and Tumbarumba Post

Our Tumut water supply are being proceeded with apace. On Tuesday last Mr. R. Dear, proprietor of the Tumut Cordial Factory, amply christened the reticulation line in front of his place, it was thoroughly enjoyed by the muckeaters, particularly by the pipe-layers and caulkers who were behind the 'muckeaters' and gave them fresh courage to catch them. 

The approach to the site of the railway station has necessitated a bit of blasting but on the whole the rock obstruction has been far less than was anticipated. 

Our farmers have nearly finished wheat and oat sowing, and are anxiously awaiting a fall of rain. 

The cold weather we have experienced of late militates against the crop growth, and, as a consequence, the late sown crops will outgrow those sown early if warm weather sets in.

To give some idea of the grazing prospects in Riverina, enquiries are being already made for summer country, and the leases of properties rented last summer have been renewed from month to month, pending a downfall of rain in the south-western regions.

The fact is one to be much regretted, as the continued drought has deeply affected the vital interests of the State.

As far as our district is concerned in rainfalls by the end of this month our future prospects of a fair season are assured, but there are a number of pessimists who attempt to blacken the fair fame of New South Wales and predict drought, desolation, and debt as our future inheritance. May they prove false prophets and get wet through first rainfall.