Tumut River Drowning Case

Northern Standard, Darwin

19 January 1934

January 17.

An unexpected development has occurred concerning the death from drowning of Mrs. Florence Martin, 42, and her nine months old child, Frederick, in the Tumut River. An inquest had been arranged but the coroner adjourned it to enable the police to make further enquiries. A detective from Sydney is assisting in the investigations.

Because of the state of the river the police are unable to locate the spot where the woman and child entered the water. Their movements since leaving home have not been traced.          

Tumut River Drowning Case

Northern Standard, Darwin

23 January 1934

January 23.

In a remarkable statement alleged to have been made to the police, John Martin, dairy farmer; of Blowering, near Tumut, said he had denied to his wife several times that he was the father of her eighteen months old son, William, but he didn't dispute being the father of the girl, Doris, who was the boy's twin sister.

This statement was submitted by the police at an inquest yesterday into the deaths of Mrs. Florence Eliza Martin, 49, and William Martin, whose bodies were recovered, tied together, from the Tumut River a fortnight ago.

The Martins were married in England in 1912. There were eleven children. Martin alleged he caught his wife and a share farmer, William Tindall, in the bedroom together. He had words with his wife over it. Tindall had frequently visited the house.

The Coroner found the woman committed suicide by drowning and had murdered her infant son.