Tumut River Water Should Be Conserved.

2 July 1915 Adelong and Tumut Express and Tumbarumba Post

'Hansard' contains the following passage of the proceedings in the Legislative Assembly on June ??.

MaGirr: I wish to ask the Premier whether he is aware that there is a matter of great public importance in my electorate which,  although in this House, some hundreds of miles from there, it may not look of urgent necessity, is entirely so?

Has he yet done anything in regard to my urgent request that the snow waters at the junction of the Tumut and other rivers should be allowed to be conserved by Kinred & Co., who are willing to conserve that water so that the overflow may be used for motor power?

Is he aware that this motor power could be utilised for the carrying out of great works in the locality?

Is he aware that allowing this firm to carry out this work would mean the employment of a couple of thousand men in Tumut portion of my electorate? 

Is he aware that Tumut is a most important centre, and the people of Tumut are anxiously waiting for the Premier to allow this firm to carry on this work? 

Mr Holman; The hon. member knows that I always follow with anxious attention anything that is going on in his electorate. I am aware of all the facts he has just given to the House, and these matters will be brought to a decision early.