Tumut Road Case Ready

15 April 1965 The Canberra Times 

Cases for and against the alternative routes of the proposed Canberra-Tumut road have been prepared by Yarrowlumla Shire Council.

The report will be submitted to the National Capital Development Commission and the Department of Main Roads, which are investigating the routes jointly.

The two routes one via Brindabella, the other via Wee Jasper - are the subject of a controversy between the shires of Tumut, Goodradigbee and Yarrowlumla.

Yarrowlumla and Tumut support the Brindabella route, but Goodradigbee wants the other, which passes mainly through its territory.

The Yarrowlumla Shire report, prepared by its engineer, Mr J. Firth, summarises the two routes:

Brindabella: For; 20 per cent shorter than Wee Jasper; against; a short section is occasionally above the snow line.

Wee Jasper: For; does not climb as high as Brindabella route; against; extra length and much greater initial cost, with continuing higher haulage costs. 

It says initial cost to bring both routes to a comparable standard would be Brindabella 300,000. Wee Jasper 500.000,