Tumut Sewerage Scheme Functioning Well  

31 January 1949 The Tumut and Adelong Times

For some time past, connections to the Tumut Sewerage Scheme have been confined to new buildings.

Plumbers and drainers are so busy on new work that it is almost impossible to get existing buildings serviced.

Naturally, the new work has to be given priority as the various fittings are installed during construction and there is no provision for an alternative wastes disposal system.

It would appear at the moment that it will be some time before those property owners who have received notices to sewer their premises will be able to comply with such orders.

In any instances where a nuisance is being created by insanitary conditions, every effort will be made to enduce plumbers to carry out service installations at the earliest possible opportunity. 


The new sewerage extension to   serve new buildings in Lambie St. is now under construction and should be completed within a couple of weeks.

At a later date a branch from this extension will serve the Housing Commission cottages now being erected in Merrivale Street.

 The extension to serve premises in Herbert St. is still in the course of   construction, but it will be some   weeks before this contract can be finalised.

The sewerage system generally is functioning very well, and the relieving attendant at the works is giving every satisfaction. 

An inspection of the Treatment Works was carried out by the District Engineer from the Public Works Department, Cootamundra, on Friday last, and he was very pleased with the conditions found. 

The above was contained in Mr. J. Lockeridge's report to Monday's meeting of the Tumut Shire Council.