Tumut Shire Engineer's Report to Monday's Council Meeting

27 September 1949 The Tumut and Adelong Times 

Engineer J. Andrews reported as follows to Monday's meeting of the Tumut Shire Council: - 

The following works have been carried out to 12/9/1949:-

State Highway 4 

(a) Maintenance grading between Mt. Adrah and Nacki Creek, Adelong and Gilmore, Gilmore to Tumut and 52 mile nee and Talbingo.  

(b) Gilmore-Tumut Section: The aggregate for sealing is stacked on the site for this work. 

(c) Gravel Re-sheeting - Tumut east towards Jones' Bridge: This work will be completed next week and will be ready for sealing if main roads construction funds are avail- able. 

(d) Jones Bridge: Debris has been cleared from this bridge after the recent river rise. 

Main Roads M.R.278, Tumut - Yass Section: 

(a) This road is being graded from the boundary towards Tumut and work has reached the 8 mile peg from Tumut. 

(b) Preparation for gravel 1.2m.4.2m. Brungle Turnoff: This section has been ripped and gravel re-sheeting should commence as soon as tenders have been approved by D.M.R. 

M.R. 278, Gilmore - Laurel Hill Section: 

c) 3m. has been ripped, graded and shaped in preparation for gravelling and sealing.

M.R. 279, Tumut-Gundagai Road: 

(d) 1.25m. - 4.3m. Section to be sealed has been graded. Section between Rowe's Hill and the recent gravelling has been graded. This road is now in reasonable condition throughout. 

Grant Works 

Developmental Road, Bombowlee Lane: Culverts have been placed in position and the roadway ripped and graded in preparation for gravelling. 

Old Tumbarumba Road: Formation in preparation for gravelling has been commenced, but was interrupted by heavy rain. 

Ellerslie Estate Road formation is under construction and a 15ft. x 3ft. wooden culvert has been completed.

The road has been formed from the main ridge near Yaven Creek Road to the wool shed and the grading is now being carried out towards the Yaven Creek Bridge.

Specifications and plans have been completed for the Yaven Creek, Turner's Creek and Long Gully Creek Bridges.

The bridge over Wood's Creek has been omitted from the contract as it may be subject to relocation. 

Shire Roads

General grading and maintenance has been carried out on portions of Brungle Creek Road, Morgan's Reserve Road, Settlers' Roads near Batlow, Batlow Streets and Tumut Streets. 

Kerb and Guttering:

Richmond Street west side has been completed. A cost was taken out on this work as it is the first length completed that could be costed accurately. The cost per foot was 6/9 and this includes excavation and drainage. 


Aggregate for sealing is coming to hand at up to 60 tons per day and has kept the truck work limited to carting from the railway. 


The crusher has now been changed to electric motor power and the Engineer will report verbally. It is now anticipated that all aggregate for the Adelong area sealing will be supplied from the crusher.

Batlow Water Supply 

The reservoir site has been surveyed and a design is being prepared It is suggested that tenders be called for laying some of these mains, as with Council's limited plant the progress is slow. 

Main-Street, Batlow Pipe laying will commence this week and stone is being carted for the retaining wall.

Work in Batlow is seriously delayed by lack of suitable labour and it has not been possible to move men from Tumut and Adelong areas as works in progress in these areas have the gangs occupied. 


Sutton's Bridge has been completed. Califat Bridge construction is 40 per cent complete.