Tumut Show

The Sydney Morning Herald

23 February 1888

The show was crowded again to-day.

Visitors came from all the surrounding districts. There was a splendid lot of exhibits in the horse section. In blood horses, Henry Butler, Robert Downing, F. H. Guy, Angus Rankin, Charles Baker, D. F. Robertson, James Simmers, and Thomas Mulvihill, carried off the chief honours. In draughts, W. H. Hargreaves, G. Wilkinson, J. Wilkinson, J. Oregon, Brown, and Harris won first honours.

The cattle section was not so numerously filled as anticipated, as the Wantabadgery cattle were prevented from coming on account of serious bush fires which were raging on the run. The classes were fairly filled. The judges were Robert M'Intyre, Matthew Bradley, Frederick Chisholm, and George Mair, jun. In Durhams, James Robinson, of Kimo, carried off the palm; in Herefords, Joseph Lambert, of Blowering. In farmers' prizes, Edward Brennan, of Gocup, and Robert M'Alister, of Tumut, divided honours.

The fat cattle were truly superb. James Robinson won nearly every prize, Robert Downing, of Gilmore, taking special for best fat bullock. T

here were larger entries of sheep than usual. Laurence Brennan and F.H. Guy were the principal prize-takers. There was a good show of native birds and poultry. George Kater Green, of Tumut, showed a grand collection.

The dog section was well filled, also farm produce. In the latter, George Clout, of Brungle, placed 32 exhibits, and won high honours, including L.Mandelson and Co.'s 26-guinea cup; Donald F. Robertson ran next, with grand exhibits. William Bridle, Rosevale, won one silver cup, given by Brungle farmers, for best maize. George Clout carried off Harrison, Jones, and Devlin's special for best collection of grain exhibits.

The horse trials were the great attractions to-day, 28 hunters leaping. The trial is not concluded.