Tumut Tobacco Season

8 June 1906  Adelong and Tumut Express and Tumbarumba Post 

With regard to the tobacco season, we are authorized to say that the crop has been garnered and the fire-cured leaf is at present nearly all handed. Mr. J. W. Creasy has finished handing and is bulking down his crop, and the other holders under his supervision will complete within 10 days.

Mr. Creasy tells us that when the tobacco is in the bulk it is by far and away the best time for a probable buyer to inspect the leaf, as, if the same be baled, no opportunity is given for close inspection, and when the buyer arrives the seller as a consequence is placed in a most unsatisfactory and invidious position.

It means opening and deforming the bales to such an extent as to incur a lot of trouble to the vendor. On the other hand, if the buyer comes and finds the leaf in its bulk stage he can place his price and advise the seller what is best to be done. In the past, through mismanagement, a lot of trouble has ensued.

We are careful for our growers, and trust they will tube advantage of the hints we endeavour to throw out, and we would like to see that they are influenced and benefited thereby.

Mr. Creasy further tells us that it is a most important factor with flue-cured tobacco that bulking should be attempted as soon as the leaf is cured, for the reason that if it is allowed to remain on the poles the aroma or boquet of the leaf suffers a considerable depreciation, and if they endeavor when handing to place the leaf out on the ground (as many in the past have done) with the idea of rendering it more pliable of handling, they rob their leaf of the aroma the buyer expects.