Tumut Tourist and Progress League

The Tumut Advocate and Farmers & Settlers' Adviser

 14 July 1925

A meeting of the League was held last night week, Messrs H. Weeden (President), H. Stokes, L. D. Maitland, A. B. Hogan, Dr Clouston, W. de Beuzeville, Fred Johnson, C. Teasdale, W. H. Foord, C. E. Carr, N. C. Adams and R. M. Thompson being present.

It was resolved to give what assistance possible to the Adelong Progress Association to have the Adelong-Hillas Creek Road made portion of the Melbourne to Canberra Road.  

The President volunteered to carry on the secretarial work for a few weeks, pending the appointment of a successor to Mr. R. Sampson.

Mr. de Beuzeville offered to prepare a map of the Tumut district showing roads, camping places, beauty spots, etc. The League decided to accept the offer, with thanks, and will provide the board for Mr. de Beuzeville.

It was, decided to recommend to the Municipal Council that an avenue be started on the road to Show ground. Several members promised to provide cost of one tree each.

On motion of Messrs. Stokes and Thompson, Messrs. Carr, Maitland, de Beuzeville and Teasdale were appointed to interview the Municipal Council in regard to securing the Upper Park, opposite the Hospital, for tree-planting purposes for the Junior Forestry League.