Tumut Train To Be Speeded Up

Cootamundra Herald

11 March 1935

The Tumut Progress League interviewed the Railway Commissioners with a view to having the passenger service speeded up between Tumut and Cootamundra.

Mr. H. Crouch, the president of the league, who acted as spokesman for the deputation, explained now badly treated the business people were with the existing service.

Mr. Garside, the acting Chief Commissioner, in reply, stated that the passenger service on the line was very poor, indeed; and, although the line from Gundagai to Tumut was not fenced or ballasted, the service could be speeded up from Cootamundra to Gundagai.

It was the intention of the Commissioners to give this scheme a trial.

Mr. Crouch thanked the Commissioners on behalf of the league, and asked them to give the scheme a good trial, us it was a while before the public got used to the arrangements; but such service will be a boon to the public and business people.