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Tumut V.C. is Jobless

29 October 1929

The Tumut and Adelong Times

Forgotten Gallantry of John Ryan, a Homeless Tramp

From national hero, with his name a synonym of gallantry, to oblivion, without home or job, in a country town, is the pathetic progress of ex-Private John Ryan, V.C.

Winner of highest award for gallantry that his country could bestow, he now tramps from town to town in an unavailing search for work. Typically, he attributes to 'luck' the affair that brought him his decoration.  

The official book of V.C.'s is more communicative. ''When the Australians were crashing through the Hindenburg line, Sept., 1918,'' says the record, ''the 55th Battalion, to which Ryan belonged, was, together with other units, well in the attack. Ryan was one of the first to rush into a German trench, which was taken, but he showed, perhaps, higher qualities later when he led three men against some bombers who were making his position untenable. He put these men out of action and was then severely wounded."  

Workless In Dubbo  

A native of Tumut, Ryan sacrificed his job for the country that now denies him work. He is now in Dubbo, where he has sought vainly for work during the past few weeks.