Tumut Eucalyptus Production

10 January 1949 Goulburn Evening Post

When people speak of Tumut district they rather naturally mention the high production of butter, corn, millet and other products for which it is famed.

But these are not the only products for which the district is noted.

During last December over 6000 worth of eucalyptus oil was produced in the area under the control of the Tumut office of the Forestry Commission. 

These figures compare rather favourably with those relating to butter production in the district.

Last December just on 100 tons of butter were produced which would be worth about 18,000 to the district. 

A comparison of the figures for the output of eucalyptus during the past few years reveals the great advance made by the industry.

In 1939 the monthly production was worth about 1800 for the year.

Each year since has shown a rapid advance until the monthly production is well over 46,000 lbs.