Tumutís New School

7 November 1913 Albury Banner and Wodonga Express

On Friday last, a public holiday for the occasion, both adults and children realised the greatly anticipated official opening of the new Superior Public School in Wynyard and Simpson-street by the Minister for Education.

Ideal weather prevailed and fully 1500 people and children witnessed the ceremony.

At 10 o'clock the children assembled at the old school in Fitzroy-street from whither a procession marched to the new buildings, comprising members of the mounted Police Force, Australian Horse Cadets, Tumut Brass Band, Manchester Unity Oddfellows, and school children.

At 11.30, Mr. Carmichael (Minister for Education) accompanied by Mrs. Carmichael and Mr. R Donaldson, M.P., arrived in a motor car.

The children then, to the brass band music, with flags in hand, formed the figures "1867" (the year the first school opened in Tumut), "1913" at the same time, rendering the song ''Brittania", "Advance Australia" and "John Bull".

Miss Nellie Cooke ("BritaniaĒ); Rita Groves ("Australia"), and Master Errold Watson ("John Bull"), at this period advanced from different directions meeting, with greetings, in the centre.

The Minister afterwards described this scene as the most interesting impression he had seen in any country school.

Mr. John. Weedon, J.P., president of the Parents .and Citizens' Association, under whose auspices this function became inaugurated, addressed the gathering, tracing the history of the school between, the dates above mentioned.

The Minister, who was received with cheers, delivered a most instructive and interesting address, in the course of which he gave the cost of the present school at £6286 - the first school cost between £200 and £300.

Mr, Donaldson; MP delivered a short address, by request, in which he implored parents to account for regular attendance if their children and to appreciate the great expenditure and beautifully up-to-date premise provided by the Government, for the purpose of educating the rising generation.

A silver key was presented to the Minister by Parents and Citizens' Association with which to open the front door; also a similar key to Mr Donaldson, in appreciation of his strenuous efforts in securing the boon of this new school.

In the evening the school children were treated to a free bioscope entertainment in O'Brien's Hall, and during, the day were supplied with any amount of provisions.