Two Brennan Sisters Die

21 July 1930 The Gundagai Independent  

Together-for Over 70 Years, Death Parts Them For a Week Only

Two sisters who lived together for over 70 years have passed away within about a week of each other.

On Thursday week last, Miss Johanna Brennan died at her home at "Eurobin," Gocup, at the age of 72 years.

Going to her sister's funeral on the following Friday, Miss Mary Ann Brennan collapsed, and was taken to Mr. J. Brennan's place at "Eurobin."

She lingered only a week - early on Friday morning she passed away.

Deceased was a native of Gocup, 75 years of age, and a daughter of the early pioneer, Mr. James Brennan.

With her passing the last member of the family has gone.

Her brothers, Messrs. Martin, Edward; Lawrence, James and Michael, and her sisters, Mrs. Walkden (late of Chilton, Victoria), Mrs. N. L. Potter (one time of Tumut and Cooma), Mrs. G. T. Potter (Melbourne) and Miss Johanna Brennan (who died the previous week) all predeceased her.

Mr. Jim Brennan, of Gocup, is a surviving nephew (his mother is a sister of the late Mr. H. J. Crowe, who died a fortnight ago.)

The funeral took place on Saturday, the regains being interred in the Catholic cemetery, Tumut.