Untrue Letter from Gundagai

The Sydney Morning Herald

5 August 1852


We beg to state that the letter published in your journal on the 10th instant was written by Mr. H. Bingham, and signed by us without our reading the contents, when our minds were totally occupied by the loss of our friends and relations, and our own providential escape from a watery grave, that gentleman having stated to us that it was merely a short account of the flood and number of lives supposed to be lost; but we were rather surprised to find that he had commented so much on his own exertions and meritorious conduct, I which we beg to state is rather exaggerated.

Mr. Bingham certainly persuaded the blacks to cut two bark canoes, by which means several lives were saved; but as to his endeavouring to prevent the plunder of property, it is altogether false, as there were several digging parties encamped near the town, who took everything of value that they could find, without any person even trying to prevent them.

The survivors themselves were too much engaged endeavouring to find the bodies of their unfortunate friends to think about property. By inserting this, you will oblige.

Your obedient servants, F. Horsley, H. Structchley.

July 30th, 1852.