V.C. Winner Of Last War - Mr. J. Ryan's Death

4 June 1941 The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.

Mr. John Ryan, 51, VC winner in the last war, died in Royal Melbourne Hospital last night. He was. taken to hospital from his home in Victoria st., Carlton, on Monday, suffering from pneumonia.

 His sister, Mrs. P. Grant, of North Yass (NSW), and his brother Mr W. Ryan, of Hampton, were with him when he died.

Mr. Ryan was born at Tumut (NSW). He served in the last war with the 55th Btn AIF, and was awarded his VC for conspicuous bravery on the Hindenburg Line on September 30, 1918. He won his award as a private.

He was one of the first men of his company to reach their objective trench when Foch launched an attack on the line on September 26. A big gap developed between the left of his unit and the unit on the flank Germans got through and began bombing from the rear. All officers and NCOs had become casualties. Ryan gathered together a few men and with bayonet and bomb they rushed the Germans. They ran right into a hail of bombs and reached the enemy position with only three men. But the dashing attack drove off the Germans and those not already killed or wounded were picked off as they panicked across No Man's Land by Lewis-gunners. In the attack Ryan was wounded in the shoulder.