V. C's.

28 August 1919 The Tumut and Adelong Times

Ald. Elphick, at Monday night's meeting, referred to Private John Ryan, V.C, as the greatest guest that has ever come to Tumut. 


He is the greatest hero Tumut's got  

But seven or eight besides have medals, too; 

And we have other V.C's who were shot; 

I call each dead V.C. now, don't you? 

Take Roley Carr; by all his comrades tell,

No man has done a braver deed than he; 

They all faced hell, and charged through shot and shell;   

Some lived, some died; all acted fearlessly. 

Chance came their way in great or less degree - 

Take Grant and Bailey, Harris and the rest, 

They're Medalists'

The greatest chance, you see, 

Was Ryan's; so we say: 'Our greatest guest.' 

Gus Keown's coming - legless. What of him?  

But then, it's Custom's way to make more fuss of V.C's.

Keown would rather one lost limb. 

A half man great as any man is Gus. 

Because they went, they're all the same to us.

The gap each saw to fill he filled; and thus - 

The brick that isn't where the parlor door is 

Is in the wall, or where the kitchen floor is. 


- 'ZIFF.'