Verdict of Suicide- Death of Tumut Grazier and Journalist.      

9 November 1951 Cootamundra Herald

At Tumut the district coroner (Mr. R. L. Blakeney) inquired into the death, at his property at Gocup, on October 31, of Mr. John Fitzgerald Fairfax, and, after taking evidence, returned a verdict of suicide.

Evidence was given by an employee of the property that he arose early on the morning of October 31, and found a note signed by Fairfax, saying that he intended doing away with himself. The man hurried into the house, where he saw Fairfax sitting at his desk, writing what were notes to the members of his family.

 The employee talked to the man, trying to reason with him saying that was not going to do any good, but Fairfax contended that it was the only way out, as he was a worry to everybody.

 The man talked, persuaded, and begged Fairfax not to carry out his threat, and he told the court that he thought he had convinced his employer not to carry out his threat, but he had no sooner left him than he heard the shot of a gun, and, going back to the house, he found Fairfax dead, with a shot gun alongside him.