Victoria Store, Gundagai

The Sydney Morning Herald

15 June 1852

While the following gives an indication of what stores sold in 1852, it is also poignant to realise that the store (along with all other buildings in the town were lost or damaged - and many scores of lives lost) by a massive flood a few day after this advertisement appeared. Ed.

H.M. Turnbull And Co., Victoria Store, beg to inform the Settlers and Inhabitants generally of Gundagai, Tumut, Jugiong, mid the surrounding districts, that they have just received a large and varied assortment of goods, most carefully selected, before the rise took place in the price of Merchandise generally; of superior qualities, and which they are prepared to offer on the most reasonable terms for Cash.

Spirits, Wines, Tobacco, &C.

Martell's and Hennessy's best brandy, British Plantation rum, 33 O.P., the best ever brought to the district; Geneva, in cases and half cases; superior pale sherry wines, in wood and bottle; Hunt's und Sandeman's port wine, in wood and bottle; cherry brandy, lemon syrup, peppermint, white and red ginger wine, spiced wine, cloves, brandy bitters, Vieux Cognac (1 dozen cases,) Parfuit L'Amour.

Tobacco Barrat's, Kerr's, Dunlop's, and other best brands.


Tea- Hysonskin and congou, in chests and half-chests.

Sugar - A few tons of very superior sugar, which, having been purchased for cash at considerably less than its value, will be sold at the same rates as inferior qualities are sold at in the surrounding districts. Coffee, oatmeal, raisins, currants, bottled fruits, jams, herrings, in tins, sardines, anchovy paste, pickles, sauces, chutney, mustards (lbs. and half lbs.), soap, candles, soda, candlewick, sago, arrowroot, pearl barley, salmon in tins, starch and blue, curry powder, spices, table salt, Liverpool salt, saltpetre, Bath bricks, Day and Martin's blacking, rice, hops, nutmegs, vinegar, salad oil, &c.

Wool-Packs, Sheepshears, And a General Assortment of Shearing Supplies.


Epsom salts, senna, cream of tartar, tartaric acid, carbonate soda, Holloway's Pills and Ointment, Seidlitz powders, Butler's Decoction of Sarsaparilla, hydrodate of potasse, essense of lemon, &c.

Perfumery, &c.

Assorted essences, lavender water, Eau de Cologne, fancy and Windsor soap, hair, tooth, nail, shoe, scrubbing, dandy, aid other brushes, tortoiseshell and back combs, rack and small tooth combs, dressing cases, wax vestas, toys, chimney ornaments, &C.

Ironmongery, &c.

Spades and shovels, cross-cut, pit, and hand saws, camp ovens, iron pots, saucepans, oval boilers, axes, adzes, tomahawks, cross-cut, pit, and handsaw files, T hinges, brass butt hinges, 3 inch batten, shingle, hurdle, wrought lath, and horse shoe nails, Wilkinson's sheep-shears, rag stones, twine, raddle, packing, and sail needles, knives, gunpowder, shot, gun caps, fishing hooks and lines, plated and metal spurs, hammers, shoemakers' hemp and flax, frying pans, tea kettles, table and pocket cutlery, butchers' knives, steels, buckets, hair brooms, tallow lamps, flat irons, American Augers, gimblets, rim and stock locks, glue, shaving and tinder boxes.

Three-Bushel Bags. Stationery, &c

Foolscap; bank, yellow, and blue wove post; envelopes, steel pens, black and red ink, Primers. A large: assortment of entertaining Works, among which will be found cheap editions, beautifully illustrated, of Charles O'Malley, Harry Lorrequer, Tom Burke of Ours, Roland Cashel, The Knight of Gwynne, Valentine M'Clutchy the Irish Agent, Carleton's Tales of the Irish Peasantry, and many other popular Works too numerous to particularise.

Tinware, &c.

Camp kettles, oval dishes, pannikins and quart pots, toe pots, lanterns, oil cans, and every kind of tinware in general use.


Saddles of all kinds, hobbles, valises, coat straps, harness, girths, saddle cloths, whips, and a complete assortment of saddlery generally.

Drapery, &c.

Scotch twill, blue serge, fancy regalia, and white long cloth shirts, cotille stay, white and coloured corded and sateen stays, light and dark printed cambrics in great variety; Hoyle's prints, plate prints, mousselin de laine dresses, Orleans cloths, cobourgs, merinos, alpacas and cashmeres, in richly assorted colours the attention of the ladies is particularly requested to these last named goods; navy blue prints, derry, horrockses and other long cloths, grey domestics, moleskins, Welsh and Lancashire flannels, pilot cloth, colonial nnd English tweed trousers and coats, cotton and linen bed ticks, 8-4 and 12-4 sheeting calicoes, white counterpanes, gala plaids in great variety; rough and dressed holland; a large and varied assortment of ready made clothing, merino and lambswool vests and pants, gloves of all kinds, worsted boots, gaiters, and bootakins, children's and women's newest style of polkas, damask table cloths,  hosiery of all sorts. A large and varied assortment of fancy goods suitable for the present season, nnd far too numerous to particularize within the limits of an advertisement.

One call is requested in order to prove that, firstly, the assortment is large; secondly, the qualities good; thirdly, the prices reasonable.