Water-Mill at Parramatta

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser

15 January 1804

The water-mill at Parramatta will shortly be completed; the wheels are finished, and the stonework is in great forwardness. the design of constructing a spacious granary over it will essentially add to the utility of the valuable undertaking; and, were subscription mills upon a similar principle constructed in different parts of the colony suited to the purpose, not only the individuals immediately interested in their success, but society at large would speedily acknowledge the certain benefits arising from the plan, which appears calculated to promote the most desirable ends; - the grain, when ground, would be considerably less exposed to devastation from the weevil or other destructive insect; the expense of carriages would be reduced nearly one-fourth; accidents would become less frequent and the settler's stock would benefit from his own bran. these considerations, added to the reduction of labour in grinding, which alone amounts to a fourth of the common value, must be acknowledged to outweigh the first expense of erecting the machinery, and promise to the cultivator solid advantages which should be the reward of his labours.