Water Filtration Plant at Tumut

3 December 1966 The Canberra Times 

State Government construction departments were examining projects the Snowy Mountains Authority could undertake in NSW the Minister for Public Works, Mr Hughes said today.

However, he indicated that such work would have to be a Commonwealth financial responsibility.

Mr Hughes was opening the new $200,000 water filtration plant at Tumut.

He said the filtration plant was needed because of an undesirable degree of pollution in the river water caused by the activities of the Snowy Mountains Authority upstream and on the Blowering Dam.

The authority had contributed 25 per cent of the cost of the filtration plant, Mr Hughes said.

He said it was vital that the Snowy Mountains Authority be kept intact.

"There is a great potential in the field of water conservation alone, where the drought has emphasised the need to carefully conserve every available drop of water", he said.

"Taking a commonsense view, we must recognise that in NSW the key to the use of this authority is more finance".