Water Is Worry to Tumut

17 July 1965 The Canberra Times 

The Tumut Shire Council is preparing to serve an injunction to stop mud pollution of the Tumut River by the construction of the Blowering Dam.

The Tumut River is Tumut's only source of water, and the amount of suspended solids in the water has increased since work on the dam project began.

The shire clerk, Mr. W. Coombs, said today the problem would increase even more once construction of the dam itself got under way in about a month.  

The council was seeking legal advice prior to serving an injunction on the State Government, the Snowy Mountains authority, or the company contracting to build the dam.

The town was now faced with the problem of installing a 93.000 filtration plant.

The SMA and the Department of Public Works had offered to pay more than half the cost, but the council was still faced with an expenditure of 31,000.

The council had decided to ask the Water Conservation Commission which was indirectly responsible for the dam, to pay the balance once the SMA and the Department of Works had contributed their shares.