Where does the Hume River go?

The Monitor, Sydney

3 November 1826

To the Editor of the Monitor, Sir, It is well known that the Gulph of St. Vincent stretches an immense distance inland: but, I really believe there has not yet been any very accurate survey made of it, nor in fact, of any other bay or gulph on this coast; - it is true, there has of late been some rivers found by chance, that empty themselves into the following bays or harbours, viz .- Bateman Bay, Trial Bay, and Moreton Bay; but, all those places were, known many years ago; and yet so dim were the eyes of our mariners and surveyors in those days, no rivers could then be seen to run either in or out of them.

Now, Mr. Monitor, is it probable, if the extensive Gulf of St. Vincent, or Spencer's Gulf, were fully examined, that rivers are as likely to be found running into them, as into the places I have mentioned. I should be inclined to say, that it us not at all improbable, and particularly so, from their situation; and I am sorry to learn that Mr. H. has not yet set out on the above mentioned expedition, as I am strongly of opinion, from the persevering manner in which he acted on his late tour to Bass's Straits, be would, if at all practicable, have fully ascertained the termination of "Hume River," whether in the “Lachlan Morass," or otherwise.      

I am, Mr. Editor, Your obedient Servant,

 An English Emigrant.

 New South Wales, Oct. 15th, 1826