Where is the Gundagai Celebration?

29 May 1869 The Gundagai Times and Tumut, Adelong and Murrumbidgee District Advertiser

The High Level Approach that will permanently connect North Gundagai with the Royal Alfred Bridge, and will render the greatest floods the Murrumbidgee can in its winter dilatation spread over our flats power-less to check the transit of goods to Southern districts, or to delay our postal communication, will in a week or ten days from this time be 'un fait accompli.'

When the bridge and the temporary approach were opened to the public the event was marked by a district celebration, which was spiritedly undertaken, and which was, up to a certain point, a success, although some unfortunate scenes afterwards occurred for which the promoters of the gathering could not be hold responsible.

At that period there was mention made of a far superior demonstration to be initiated by North Gundagai when die permanent approach was finished, and we can recall that at that period the Gundagai correspondent of a contemporary vaunted loudly of the festive hospitality and northern township when this event occurred.

It was then a thing to be consummated in the far off future; but that future has, or will very shortly come to be present time, and as yet we can discern no tokens of approaching demonstration or festivity.

If it is intended to commemorate by any public ceremonial and rejoicing the successful completion of one of the most important and expensive, works of its kind in the colony, and one which will undoubtedly alike confer important general benefits and indisputable local advantages, it certainly is full time that initiatory steps were taken for that purpose, and therefore we beg to call the attention of our readers to the subject.