Will Not Oppose Use of Commonwealth Defence Powers

 8 April 1949 The Farmer and Settler 

When water from the Eucumbene River was diverted to the Tumut and a dam built the new water would double the irrigation facilities of the Murrumbidgee, the Minister for Conservation (Mr. Weir) told the N.S.W, Parliament this week,

The House was discussing a motion from Mr. O. Enticknap (Labor, Murrumbidgee) that the State Government take immediate steps to develop the water resource of the Snowy river. 

It has been announced that the Commonwealth Government proposes to proceed with the harnessing at the Snowy under defence powers, mainly for the purpose of generating hydro-electricity. 

'The M.I.A. can be doubled by the use of one-third of the Snowy waters and the use of the remaining two thirds would, of course considerably add to the potential increase,' Mr. Weir said. 

He said the State government would not legally oppose the Commonwealth proceeding with the Snowy hydro-electric scheme. 

The Commonwealth should consult the State on the order in which work on the project should be done, he continued. 

Country Party leader (Mr. Bruxner) said the Government should be ashamed to allow the Commonwealth to say the work was a defence undertaking. The Chifley Government was aiming to destroy the self-governing rights of the states.