William Hovellís Narralling Estate for Sale

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser

25 February 1830

Narralling Estate and homestead at the Cowpastures, with a capital house and accommodation for a genteel family, only 34 miles from the capital.

By Mr. Bodenham, at his rooms, on Wednesday, 24th of March, at 12 o'clock precisely, Mr. Bodenham respectfully notifies to gentlemen in search of a superior and important homestead, that he has received instructions to sell that highly cultivated and improved Estate, situate only 34 miles from Sydney, known as the Narralling Estate, and being the residence of Mr. William Hovell, with all its important improvements; it is proposed to offer the Property for the accommodation of the public in 2 Lots.

Lot 1. Comprises about 360 acres of real good land, and well watered, 190 acres of the ground totally cleared, 50 acres in a state of cultivation, 3 and a-half miles of 4-railed and close logged fencing, bounded by Messrs. Howe & Throsby, and the Cowpasture road; the cross road to Campbell Town being the northern boundary, nearly divided this portion into two parts.

Lot 2. Is bounded by the above cross road, Messrs. Throsby, Manning, & Grimes,and the Cowpasture road, containing 200 acres, totally cleared, 70 acres in cultivation, with a capital 4-railed and close logged fence, and 6 feet paling fences, well watered, even in the driest seasons; 2 and a half acres of garden in high order, containing the most choice fruit trees, and several hundred grapevines; about 4 acres of English glasses, with upwards of 100 acres under cultivation.

The house or cottage contains seven rooms, fit for the reception of a family, a 5-stall stable, and gig house and store, with granary over it.

The corner of the cross road would afford the purchaser an excellent opportunity of erecting an inn. Possession of the cultivated ground, with the exception of the maize and tobacco crop, can be taken immediately.

The house and premises, with the garden and grazing land, when the first bill at 1 month is paid.

Purchaser to pay his own conveyance. Terms of Payment -A deposit of 10 per Cent, and 4, 8, and 12 months' credit given for the residue, upon approved Bills, or security if required.

A plan of this property may be inspected at the Estate and Agency and Surveying Offices of Mr. Bodenham.