William Warby’s 1825 land Grant at Towrang

31 July 1838 The Australian (Sydney)

Official Gazette. Colonial Secretary's Office, Sydney, 24th July, 1838

Court of Claims.

 Notice is hereby given, that the following Claims for Deeds of Grant of Lands and Town Allotments, will be ready for the examination of the Commissioners appointed for that purpose, under, the Act of Council 5th William IV., No 21, at the expiration of two months from this date, before which day any Caveat or Counter Claim must be entered at this Office. Due notice will be given of the days appointed for the hearings.

Case No 272 - William Bradley, of Goulburn, Gentleman.

Two hundred and forty acres in the County of Argyle, parish of Towrang, at Goulburn Plains; bounded on the south by the north boundary line of William Bradley's 100 acres, bearing east 50 chains; on the east by a line bearing north 40 chains; on the north by a line bearing west 50 chains to the Mulwarree Ponds; and on the west by the Mulwarree Ponds.

In the Gazette of the 27th November, 1833, page 494, a description of this land was advertised by the Colonial Secretary, with a view to the preparation of a Deed of Grant, in fulfilment of a promise by Sir Thomas Brisbane, dated 21st. of November, 1825, to William Warby, who, it in alleged, convoyed to claimant.

Warby having been transported for cattle stealing, the claim is referred for the investigation of the Commissioners as a special case.