The Visy Column

A regular report by the Tumut Shire Community Consultative Group

January 21, 2000 Tumut & Adelong Times

Recognising the enormous public interest in major industrial developments and concerns, often legitimate, with the potential adverse impact of such activities on the environment and established lifestyles, the NSW Minister for Urban Affairs and Planning, Craig Knowles MP, in approving Visy's Development Application for a Pulp and Paper Mill in the Tumut area directed that Visy established a Community Consultative Group prior to the commencement of construction.

In his Determination dated November 29, 1998, the Minister stated that: "The reasons for the imposition of conditions are to protect the environment and the amenity of the community, to modify details of the development the subject of the development application, to provide for environmental monitoring and reporting of the future performance of the development."

The Minister's requirement directed that the Committee include representatives of the Council and the local community and should monitor compliance with the conditions of consent during the term of the development.

Preliminary meetings of interested parties were held in April 1998 and October 21, 1999. The first formal meeting of community representatives was held on December 2, 1999, and the composition of the Committee, with their contact details, is as follows:

Ben Dumbrell, Shire Council, phone 6947 2110, fax 6947 2726, mobile 0417 262 330.

Louise Halsey, Broader Tumut Community, phone 6947 3208, fax 6947 3208, mobile 0419 619 128.

Jervis Hayes, Neighbours of Visy, phone 6946 2064, fax 6946 2439.

Mike Hudson (Chairman), Gilmore Progress Association, phone 6947 5258, fax 6947 5281, mobile 0411552240.

Mark Lipscombe, Adelong Progress Association, phone 6946 2254, fax 6946 2254.

Paul Mullins, Shire Management, phone 6947 0530, fax 6947 2141, mobile 0419 477 812.

Gerry Proft, Tumut, phone 6947 2279.

Ian Robson, Tumut Shire Landcare, phone 6946 4200, fax 6946 4200, mobile 018 695 852.

Robert Waugh, Visy, phone (03) 9247 4344, fax (03) 9247 4349, mobile 0418 506 397.

Chris Davidson, Visy, phone (03) 9247 4476, fax (03) 9247 4349, mobile 0418 354 835.

Visy Office Tumut, phone 6947 9008.

The last meeting of the Consultative Committee was held on Thursday, January 13. Over the last two meetings the subject matter has embraced fire fighting measures, heritage issues, traffic flow around Adelong, road signs, dust prevention, accommodation for construction workers, safety issues for visitors to the mill site and noise monitoring.

Of particular interest was the tabling by Visy of the Construction Environment Management Plan (CEMP), which is a major milestone of the Conditions of Consent. The Committee at its next meeting will examine this in detail and any matters of concern will be advised to the community at large.

Chairman, Mike Hudson has confirmed the value of community representation to members of the Committee. They are available on the contact numbers listed above and it is important that any concerns be represented to them. Visy's Tumut office can also be contacted direct on 6947 9008 and any matters for the Consultative Group will be passed on.

It is anticipated that the Visy office will eventually move out to the mill site and should the telephone number change this will be widely promulgated.

The Community Consultative Committee is there to represent your interests. The more it hears from you the more it can help.

- Mike Hudson Chairman