Tumut Shire Council - Noxious weeds

September 7, 1999 Tumut and Adelong Times

Noxious weeds are defined as plants which have a significant detrimental affect on agricultural production or the environment. Under the Noxious Weeds Act 1993 private landowners, State Government and Council have a legal responsibility to carry out control measures. At the present time Council employs one full time Noxious Weed Inspector and two casual spray operators.

A list of weeds declared noxious within Tumut Shire is listed below. The major problem weeds are Blackberry, Patterson's Curse, Sweet Briar, St John's Wort, Scotch/lllyrian Thistle and Bathurst Burr.

Work Methods On Farm

1. Council will aim to progressively reduce noxious weeds by giving free advice on weed control methods.

2. Where a property has a large infestation that could not be economically treated in one year, Council's Noxious Weeds Inspector will, in consultation with the landowner, establish a whole farm plan to deal with the infestation over a number of years.

Work Methods By Council

Council's Noxious Weeds Inspector undertakes regular inspections of private land over the whole of the Shire.

1. Landowners will be advised in writing after the first inspection of the presence of noxious weeds on their land and stating a reasonable period of time for control measurers to be implemented.

2. If the subsequent inspection shows that reasonable control action has not been taken, a Notice under the Noxious Weeds Act will be served. This Notice requires the

owner/occupier to control noxious weeds on the land as required under the specified control category or categories, within a specified period of time.

3. Failure to comply with this Notice may result in Council instituting legal proceedings or Council may enter upon the land and carry out the work at the landowner's expense.

Technical Advice

Council's Noxious Weeds Inspector can assist by advising landowners of the best methods of treatment to suit each infestation and landowners are invited to utilise this service. Telephone (02) 6947 0557 or (02) 6947 0518.

W1 Noxious Weeds: The presence of the plant on land must be notified to the local control authority and the plant must be fully and continuously suppressed and destroyed.

W2 Noxious Weeds: The plant must be fully and continuously suppressed and destroyed.

W3 Noxious Weeds: The plant must be prevented from spreading and its numbers and distribution reduced.

W4 Noxious Weeds: The action specified in the declaration must be taken in respect of the plant.

Declared Noxious Weeds

W1 (Weeds bolded exist in Tumut Shire): Alligator Weed, Horsetail, Lagarosiphon, Mesquite, Parthenium Weed, Salvinia, Senegal Tea Plant, Water Hyacinth, Water Lettuce.

W2: African Boxthorn, Bathurst/noogoora/california/cockle Burrs, Coca Leaf, Columbus Grass, Dodder, Indian Hemp, Johnson Grass, Nodding Thistle, Opium Poppy, Pampas Grass, Rhus Tree, Scotch/lllyrian/stemless Thistles, Serrated Tussock, Silk Forage Sorghum, Scotch Broom.

W3: Blackberry, Patterson's Curse, Vipers/Italian Bugloss, St John's Wort, Sweet Briar.

W4: Wild Radish.

Plants currently declared, but not included in category list: Giant Parramatta Grass, Buffalo Burr, Cape Tulips, Devil's Claw (Pink or White), Horehound, Hemlock, Ragwort, Star Thistle, Tree of Heaven.