Old Smoky spotted in Richmond Street

Tuesday, May 7, 2002, Tumut & Adelong Times

Don't be fooled by this photograph of ol smoky! He is a good looking bloke, but he's dirty to the core. He just can't help himself, burning wood badly and causing lots of smoke that pollutes the air we all breath.

This type of Woodheater was made years ago and just does not have the technology to preheat air and completely burn the wood fuel.

The smoke old woodheaters produce is full of particles and gases that can cause breathing difficulties for elderly people, asthmatics and those with allergies.

Some of the gas compounds in Woodsmoke are poisonous. Old woodheaters are inefficient and waste lots of money up the chimney and into the air.

There is a lot of information available to Woodheater owners about how to reduce smoke problems and keep our air cleaner .Some may also even want to take advantage of the cash incentive program currently operating to replace their old heater with a low polluting alternative. Tumut residents and business owners with a chimney or flue in their roof will soon be getting a brochure about the Tumut Shire Council - EPA Woodsmoke Reduction Program.

Other interested people can either call into the Shire Offices or call 69470518 and a copy will be mailed out to you.

Early morning and late evening smoke patrols will be starting soon, where staff will be out looking around for woodheater related smoke problems and resolving these problems with owners.

Want to know more? Call into the Council offices for a chat.