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The turntable at Tumut allowed steam locomotives to be turned for up return workings to Cootamundra and also for Batlow down services.
Similarly, the Batlow yard had a turntable for its up returning locomotives to Tumut.
The result of NOT using the turntable.
This 32 class steam locomotive was running light and tender first when it derailed on a return to Cootamundra not far north of Gilmore.
Number 6 CPH ready to leave Tumut (note the tail triangle). It is displaying the original single headlight). August School Holidays 1981. (The fertilizer shed on the left was on a siding.)
Railway worker's accommodation in the Tumut station yards.
Note the extra roof which was added to provide shade.
The same CPH at Gundagai, on its way to Cootamundra.

The now disused Tumut turntable.
Number 4 CPH after leaving Gilmore station, heading to Gundagai.

Rail Motor at Coolac.
Rail Motor 710 at Tumut station.1965
Tumut turntable October 1967.
Turning one of the two locomotives used to haul the special train to Tumut in  October 1967.
Offloading goods at Tumut Goods Yard ,1965.
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Map of NSW Railways before the Tumut line was added.
Tumut engine shed (now demolished).
The turntable is to the right of this photograph.
October 1967.
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